Explanation Cambodia visa

Explanation Cambodia visa

Read the explanation about the procedure for acquiring the required visa for Cambodia, for your holiday or business trip to Cambodia. If you follow the steps on this page, it is not complicated to meet the visa obligation for Cambodia. Starting the application procedure on time can prevent problematic situations during your trip.

Step 1: Check the validity

Before you get your visa, it is wise to closely read the page on the validity of the Cambodia visa..

Step 2: Check the requirements

The next step is reading the page on the Cambodia visa requirements page. This way you can be sure that you won’t be faced with any surprises during your trip.

Step 3: Gather the passports and passport photos of each traveller

You can submit an application for a single traveller (yourself or someone else) or for a group of travellers. A group application is suited for a family or a group of friends travelling to Cambodia together. It is not necessary to include all travellers of the group in a group application, but it does save a lot of work, because not all data have to be filled out again and again. You need to possess a photo or scan of the passport for each traveller for whom you wish to acquire a Cambodia visa (only the page which shows the name of the traveller), as well as a passport scan. These need to be provided digitally and you also need to write down the details from the passport in the application form. Make sure you have both digital documents at hand before you start the application.

Cambodia visa form

Step 4: Getting started with the online application form

In the Cambodia visa application form you only need to fill in the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • The travel details
  • The passport information

The travel details include the expected arrival date and the border crossing or airport where you will enter Cambodia. The arrival date doesn’t need to be set in stone, this can be changed (see validity).

Step 5: Pay for the cost

After filling in the contact information and travel details for yourself or the group, as well as filling in the passport information of each traveller for whom you wish to acquire a Cambodia visa, you will be forwarded to the payment page. You can pay for the visa through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. These are all safe and fast payment methods.

Step 6: Upload documents

Right after completing the payment, you will see the upload page for your passport scan or passport photo. Here, you will find a clear explanation on how uploading works. It doesn’t matter what kind of document you upload, as long as the images are clear and in colour.

Step 7: Print visas

After your files have been uploaded, your application for the Cambodia visa is processed. If you have indicated that you are arriving in more than 30 days, processing will only start 30 days before arrival. As soon as processing is completed (usually this doesn’t take longer than a few days) you will receive a notification by e-mail and text message. The e-mail contains a link, with which you can download the Cambodia visa. You are required to print the Cambodia visa twice for each traveller. Each traveller must bring both copies with them in their hand luggage to Cambodia. A copy needs to be handed over on arrival, and another on departure.