Cambodia Visa Cost

Cambodia visa cost

The visa for Cambodia can be purchased online, the costs are £59,95 per visa. Paying can be done through the international payment methods of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. The costs need to be paid for right after submitting the application and are not refunded in case of rejection.

What is the Cambodia visa cost?

The visa for Cambodia costs £59,95 per person. This includes all the necessary costs, there are no additional costs regardless of the chosen payment method.

Buildup of the costs

The total Cambodia visa cost of £59,95 per person consists of a number of separate things, being:

  • Application costs
  • Consulary costs
  • Transaction costs
  • Rate surcharges
  • VAT

Aside from the total visa costs of £59,95 no additional costs are charged. You are however required to apply for your visa online and pay through one of the possible payment methods.

Tourists in Cambodia

Credit card

One of the most used and reliable payment methods in the world is the credit card. This is why we made it available as a payment method for the Cambodia visa. Due to its speed and reliability, there is very little chance of any security risks. You also do not pay any additional costs when paying with a credit card on this website. We offer payment through Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


Like the credit card, PayPal has quickly become one of the most used payment methods in the world. By connecting your bank account to your e-mail address, payments can be made with the simple click of a button, allowing for great speed. You rarely have to wait for the transaction to be approved, the money is transferred almost immediately. As with all payment methods offered on this website, no additional costs are charged for payments with PayPal.

Get started now?

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