Cambodia visa application

Apply for the Cambodia visa

Applying for the Cambodia visa is a simple step which you need to take before your are allowed into the country for your holiday or business trip. A Cambodia visa application doesn’t take longer than a few minutes per traveller, but make sure you have the passports of each traveller ready. The application process happens entirely online, you can submit your application 24 hours per day.

Only if you possess a valid Cambodia visa will you be allowed to pass the passport check after arrival. This applies to all travellers that need a visa, including children travelling along.

Requirements of the Cambodia visa

You can only apply for the Cambodia visa if you meet the requirements tied to usage of this travel permit, as well as the validity term.


You need to apply for your Cambodia visa with the same passport that you will be taking with you on your trip. The passport needs to be valid for at least six more months from the moment of arrival in Cambodia.


Are you travelling with children? They also need to apply for their own visa to enter Cambodia, regardless of their age. This can be easily arranged by submitting a group application, you will only need to fill out most travel and contact details once.

Validity term

The Cambodia visa has a validity term of 90 days. This starts right after the consular employee has approved your online application. You need to complete the full visit within these 90 days. Are you leaving in more than 30 days? Then your application won’t be processed right away, but will be put on hold until the 30th day before arrival. This way, you can submit your application at an early stage.

Travel duration

Travelling through Cambodia is only allowed if you are not in the country for longer than 30 days. Your trip can take longer, for example if you are also visiting surrounding countries; only the time actually spent in Cambodia is counted.


It is not necessary to have an exact itinerary at the moment that you will be applying for your Cambodia visa. In the application form you won’t be asked for flight details or overnight addresses. You will be asked for an arrival date, but this will only be used to assess if your application can be processed, or needs to be put on hold, in order for it to be valid during your holiday or business trip.

Border crossing

You cannot arrive at all border crossing and airports. Only the larger immigration posts will accept you. Read more about that on the page with the Cambodia visa requirements. Exiting the country can be done at all border posts.

Cambodia visa form

Online application

Applying for the visa for Cambodia online is the easiest way to meet the Cambodia visa obligation. No visit needs to be made to the consulate or embassy. Take note that you submit your application on time, this can be done months before departure, up to several days before arrival.

Digital application form

To start your application, you first open the digital application form. Here, you fill in the contact information and travel details. Next, you write down the passport information of each traveller for whom you wish to apply a Cambodia visa for. By making use of the possibility for a group application you save time, as you only need to fill in a lot of the information once. It is not required to make use of this possibility. Next, you follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Required documents

You need to upload a scan of your passport and passport photo when applying for the Cambodia visa. The passport that you use for this needs to be valid for at least six more months from the moment of arrival in Cambodia. The passport photo does not need to be an official passport photo, it can also be taken with your own camera. Make sure that the photo is clear and in colour.

Make the payment

The visa for Cambodia costs £59,95 per person, regardless of the age. These costs are including application costs and consulary costs. The cost can be paid for through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.


Only if you have the Cambodian nationality, or that of Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore or Myanmar is applying for a visa not mandatory. All other travellers, regardless of their background, need to apply for a Cambodia visa.